Intermodal Transport And Warehousing

Built and Located for Efficiency.

The Lange-Stegmann facility is located as far north as possible without being subject to winter freezing, but just far enough south to avoid increased transportation rates associated with the lock and dam system near St. Louis. The location also offers excellent proximity to five interstates and all class one railroads. Together, these factors offer the greatest flexibility and ensure economic transport whether it’s via river, rail or road.

With 63,000 tons of storage capacity, the Lange-Stegmann warehousing facility ensures a constant supply of product. Other features that define our facility include: loading capabilities of 360 tons per hour delivering a daily capacity of 8,600 tons, a rail yard with 23,000 feet of track, and three locomotives and a truck and rail scale on site. It all adds up to a well-oiled machine that loads at least one train of 65 railcars every 24 hours. And that means greater efficiency and cost savings for the customers we serve.